Defect Advice

Specific Defect Analysis

If you are concerned about a specific problem, we can carry out a limited inspection focused directly on your concerns, advise on the cause, significance and remedy.

Defects can include:

  • Cracking – can be as a result of structural movement, but not always
  • Roofs – sometimes hidden from view and can be a concern
  • Damp and mould – can result from a number of causes, rising or penetrative damp or leaks in roofs/chimneys
  • Woodworm – often found in older timbers
  • Rot – arising from a number of types of timber decay and we can advise on remedial works and treatment
  • Floors – soundness of property floors whether concrete, floor slabs or suspended timber floor structures

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We aim to make it easier and simpler for you when buying a property or when trying to understand a defect, by providing services which are friendly, professional and informative. We won’t bog you down with detail or technical jargon and we pride ourselves on offering a proper level of service – without the traditionally-associated large costs.

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