Mortgage Valuations

RICS Mortgage Valuation Service

The mortgage valuation involves a brief inspection (usually less than 20 minutes in length) and should not be confused with a survey. The report is for the lender and is very much a pro-forma in style and is usually only two to three pages in length. Many, but not all lenders provide a copy of the valuation report or an extract from it to their loan applicant.

Our surveys can empower you as a purchaser by providing you with greater knowledge about your perspective property. There may be some expensive repairs to carry out, identified in a survey that a mortgage valuation wouldn’t necessarily pick up.

We can undertake RICS Home Buyer surveys to give you a better idea of the condition of the property.

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We aim to make it easier and simpler for you when buying a property or when trying to understand a defect, by providing services which are friendly, professional and informative. We won’t bog you down with detail or technical jargon and we pride ourselves on offering a proper level of service – without the traditionally-associated large costs.

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