Building Surveys

RICS Building Surveys

The Surveyor completes a thorough inspection of the property and provides a detailed report based on the inspection but does not force or open up the fabric of the property. The RICS Building Survey Service includes:

  • an inspection of the property
  • a report based on the inspection
  • a valuation as an optional addition of the report

The Surveyor aims to give you professional advice to:

  • help you make a reasoned and informed decision when purchasing the property, or when planning for repairs, maintenance or upgrading the property;
  • provide detailed advice on condition;
  • describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects;
  • where practicable and agreed, provide an estimate of costs for identified repairs; and
  • make recommendations as to any further actions or advice which needs to be obtained before committing to purchase.

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We aim to make it easier and simpler for you when buying a property or when trying to understand a defect, by providing services which are friendly, professional and informative. We won’t bog you down with detail or technical jargon and we pride ourselves on offering a proper level of service – without the traditionally-associated large costs.

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